Brexit Working Group

The following statement was released today; Thursday 19th July 2018.AB MAURI UK&I has created a working group focusing on the potential impact of...

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AB MAURI UK&I completes the...


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ABM Fipronil Statement


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Now Open: AB Mauri UK &...

On Wednesday November 18th 2015, the AB Mauri UK & Ireland Centre of Excellence was officially unveiled to the wider baking industry.44 guests,...

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SOUR DOUGHS An opportunity to add value

The Cereform range of sour doughs provides a superb selection of natural bread fermentation flavours for use in all types of bread and rolls – including industrial products as well as artisanal breads and speciality products like ciabatta, croissants, brioches, pizza bases etc.

Available as ready to use powders, liquids and pastes, these sour doughs provide a consistent flavour profile and improved crust colour and avoid the need to make a sponge and dough.

Using natural ingredients, these sour doughs are 'clean label' and are especially useful as a means of restoring traditional bread flavours in recipes where salt levels have been reduced.

Then there are functional dough benefits – crumb softness and resilience are enhanced and it is possible to achieve the waxy open texture associated with long fermentation speciality bread.

  • Versatile – use in all bakery processes and product applications
  • Versatile – use as a straight addition to the recipe or to feed a sponge or to make a liquid ferment
  • Enhances crumb flavour, especially where lower salt levels are used
  • Improves crust colour
  • Improves crumb resilience and crumb strength
  • Provides a shorter bite
  • Improves crumb softness
  • Clean label ingredient declaration

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