Mixes & Concentrates for Rolls & Fermented Goods

AB Mauri has everything you need for producing great quality rolls and buns including mixes, concentrates and conditioners. And for the final touch, we can also supply you with glazes and crossing mix.


  • Suitable for the production of buns and yeast-raised donuts.
  • Simple to use – just add yeast and water.
  • Great tasting products every time.


  • Formulations available for buns, rolls, hot cross buns and donuts
  • Convenient blend of sugar, dough conditioner, crumb softener and AB Mauri know how
  • Ideal for the manufacture of danish pastries, chelsea buns, brioche,  croissant etc
  • Formulated for versatility and flexibility on fat levels and flavour addition


  • Large range of multipurpose powdered conditioners available
  • Fluid conditioners specifically formulated for bun products

Final touch:

  • Crossing mix powder for hot cross buns
  • Bun glazes

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