Enzyme Inactive Full-Fat Soya Flour

TRUSOY is our enzyme inactive full fat soya flour and is milled from heat treated soya beans. Heat treatment deactivates the enzymes this makes TRUSOY suitable for use in many food applications: Cakes, sponges and doughnuts. Scones, pancakes, batters and wafers. Fruit breads, biscuits and pastry.
Sugar confectionery, cake coverings and fillings. Soups, pickles, sauces and salad dressings. Sausages, pie fillings and pates. Baby foods and health foods.

Below are ‘some’ of the benefits of using TRUSOY

  • Extends freshness and shelf life in cakes, biscuits and pastries.
  • Increases yields absorbing up to its own weight in water
  • Natural emulsifier aids release of wafers from moulds and hotplates
  • High fat content can be used to replace some of the fat in recipes without adding cholesterol
  • Microbiological quality makes it a safe ingredient for infant foods where it nutritional content is valuable.
  • 12% dietary fibre content
  • An excellent non dusty carrier for vitamins, spices and flavours.
  • Source of high quality protein

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