Cereform Ltd

In 1982 AB Ingredients was established in Northampton by Associated British Foods plc (ABF) to focus on the development of dough conditioners for the bakery market in UK and Ireland. Through its Allied Mills business ABF formed KFI to provide cake mixes for the bakery market. In 2001 ABF acquired Kerry SPP, a leading bakery ingredients business. Then in 2002 Cereform Ltd was launched following the merger of AB Ingredients, KFI and Kerry SPP

Mauri Products Ltd

Mauri Products was launched in 1982 in Hull as a joint venture between Associated British Foods plc (ABF) and Burns Philp in Australia in order to provide fresh yeast products to the bakery market. The ownership of Mauri Products was completed in 2004 when ABF acquired the Burns Philp Group. The Mauri Products plant in Hull now provides fresh yeast products for the company’s markets in the UK and Ireland

Yeast Products (Ireland)

Yeast Products Company was established in 1982 as a joint venture between Greencore, Burns Philp &  Associated British Foods plc (ABF) to supply fresh yeast to the Irish baking industry.  ABF bought out the other partners in 2003. The dedicated yeast plant in Dublin ceased manufacturing in 2009. Product was then supplied direct to customers from Mauri Products in Hull. Yeast Products (Ireland) became part of AB Mauri UK & Ireland in 2011

Gb Plange UK

Gb Plange UK was formed in 2006 and established a reputation for supplying highly functional bread improvers and concentrates utilising its expertise in fermentation, enzyme and flour technology. In 2014 the business was acquired by AB Mauri and integrated into AB Mauri UK & Ireland

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