Harvester – bread mixes

HARVESTER is a leading brand of malted wheat flour for the production of top quality bread and rolls with a delicious malted flavour and soft eating malted wheat flakes. Ideal for any type of sandwich carrier and filled rolls due to the soft eating properties and delicate malted aroma.

Harvester is available as Harvester Malted Wheat Flour and as Harvester Ideal Concentrate (use at 25% on flour weight)

Harvester can also be used to make other tasty malted wheat products such as scones, biscuits and cakes. A range of recommended bakery recipes are available together with technical support from our Bakery Services team.

The Harvester products are available from the BAKO Group:

BAKO Northern and Scotland

BAKO North Western

BAKO Wales

BAKO South Eastern

BAKO Western

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