Branded Product Ranges

The Energie range of technical ingredients is well known for providing exceptional functionality at competitive prices. Added to the dough, Energie improvers increase tolerance to the natural variations in flour quality and variations in the breadmaking process. They also control dough stickiness and improve machineability. The concentrates for rolls and buns are easy to use and produce consistently high quality products

The DCA range of donut mixes was first introduced over 75 years ago and is widely regarded as the leading cake donut brand. The range of DCA bakery mixes has been extended to include high quality pancake, waffle and batter mixes

Harvester is a leading brand of malted wheat flour for the production of top quality bread and rolls with a delicious malted flavour and soft eating malted wheat flakes. Ideal for any type of sandwich carrier and filled rolls due to the soft eating properties and delicate malted aroma.

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