Energie – bread improvers & concentrates

Energie -  Bread Improvers & Concentrates

The Energie range of technical ingredients is well known for providing exceptional functionality at competitive prices. Added to the dough, Energie improvers increase tolerance to the natural variations in flour quality and variations in the breadmaking process. They also control dough stickiness and improve machineability. The concentrates for rolls and buns are easy to use and produce consistently high quality products.

Examples from the Energie range are the following products

Energie General Purpose Bread Improvers

Energie GP

A general purpose bread improver used at 1% to 2% on flour weight to produce the whole spectrum of fermented products, including white bread, wholemeal and morning goods. Energie GP produces fermented products with excellent volume, fine internal crumb structure and good shelf life.

Energie Ultra

The ultimate general purpose bread improver, for bread with excellent volume, fine soft crumb structure and good crust characteristics. Energie Ultra offers the additional benefit of improved shelf life – up to two days more than that achieved using a conventional improver.

Energie Eclipse

Excellent value for money . An entry level general purpose improver for all round use in the craft bakery

Energie Morning Goods Concentrates

Energie Soft Roll 10

 Premium quality powdered concentrate for enriched soft rolls,  use at 10% on flour weight.

Energie Soft ‘n’ Fresh    

Tailor-made for the production of enriched soft rolls. This concentrate also gives an excellent shelf life and is be used at 7% on flour weight.

Energie Caledonian        

Specially developed for Scotch Morning Rolls, this product contains both salt and improver and is used at 5% on flour weight.

Shelf Life Extenders and Crumb Softeners

These products work by retarding the staling process, interacting with the wheat starch to reduce the formation of the crystals which cause the firming of the bread crumb.


A crumb softener in paste form – keeps products softer for longer


A crumb softener in powder form, – keeps products softer for longer without affecting resilience           

Dough Relaxers

Specially formulated to improve the production of pizza dough, pastry and morning goods, Extensine dough relaxer contain gluten-modifying ingredients which relax the dough, improving machinability and reducing shrinkage. Levuraline product delivers similar functionality but with the added benefi t of being E-number free.

Extensine W      

Wheat flour based dough relaxer


Deactivated yeast based dough relaxer

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