Aromaferm - Natural Ferment Blends

For generations, naturally fermented cereals have long been used to leaven bread and are the base for traditional ‘sourdough’ flavours. Recognising an emerging category within the marketplace, AB Mauri UK & Ireland are pleased to launch the Aromaferm range of naturally fermented blends. Added directly to the dough, Aromaferm products allow the baker to enjoy an exceptional range of functional and taste benefits. These are clean label products and are available in powder, liquid or paste format.

Powder Products:

Wheat and Malt Ferment 110

A blend used at 1-4% on flour weight; applicable to a wide range of products; such as sandwich bread and pizza bases. Wheat and Malt Ferment 110 enjoys a malty flavour profile and provides an exceptional range of benefits; including improved texture and crumb colour.

Aromaferm Rye Ferment 200

Applied at 2-4% on flour weight, Rye Ferment 200 is another versatile blend that is applicable within products such as baguettes, ciabatta and rustic rolls. Aromaferm powders offer the additional benefit of longer shelf life - up to 12 months unopened.

Liquid Products:

Aromaferm Liquid Wheat Ferment 25

Aromaferm liquids are ideal for delivering exceptional flavours. Liquid Wheat Ferment 25 is used at 5-10% on flour weight and is particularly suited to application within a wide of range of products using sweeter dough such as Croissants, brioche and Panettone.

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